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The blossoming of freedom

The blossoming of freedom

    You can decide to stay locked in your shell for different personal reasons (ex: lack of confidence, courage , anxiety, etc.). Very often, too, we stay in our shell because of the advice that others have given us with their own fear.

    The best example is ” I, in your place, I would do this or I, in your place, I would not do that “. The ” me in your place ” is deadly. The person giving us this kind of advice wants to help us but subconsciously they are not helping us because they are doing so by expressing their own fear that they themselves feel towards an important decision that we have to make in our life.     

    There is only one person who really knows what is good for you and that is YOU.

    To make the right decision, put your head aside and listen fully to your heart, which will make you spread your wings of freedom.

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