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The little one in the immensity

The little one in the immensity

    The rugged and wild immensity of the North has no feeling. It does not distinguish between ” good and bad “. Nature ” is ” .    

    This found alone in this immensity leads man to discover and become aware of the tiny place he occupies. In this vastness, we learn that the only control we have is the freedom to accept what is as we are living it. Depending on our perception, this rough and wild immensity carries within it two extremes: friend and enemy.

    We perceive her as a friend in the sense that she pushes us out of our comfort zone and helps us to grow psychologically. Each little happiness I experienced in my hiking was fully deserved. At the end of each hard day’s walk, the only thing I was interested in doing was just doing nothing, but the tent doesn’t set up on its own, nor is there a stack of wood ready to start a fire. I walked for two and a half weeks with an average of ten kilometers / day in the environment you see in the photo. I was able to make a fire only three times. Let me tell you that the presence of fire and its warmth brings another meaning to life.

    In this immensity, if you need or want something, make the effort and you will have it. Nothing is free here, except the extraordinary friendliness of the people you meet.

    In this immensity, you do not decide ” when ” but at a given moment your brain instinctively decides to put itself in ” survival ” mode .    

    This vastness of freedom can very quickly turn into a prison if you are unable to live alone with yourself and do not accept the presence of silence . Apart from the silence, there is only the sound of your footsteps and the whistling of the wind.

    As soon as you feel that you push your luck to satisfy your ego, you become a potential prey and if you are caught, you curse her. If you are determined not to accept, to want to control, you curse her.

   She becomes your enemy as soon as you dare to pretend that you are stronger than her. Naked I received good advice from Pierre (Laurent, never forget that nature will always be stronger than you) , at the Norpaq Outfitter, she would have been my enemy on certain occasions.

    The North is one of the few places in the world where your feet you are advanced here and now while your eyes you bring the vision of the past and the future.

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